Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Preview

So I just wanted to post how our May has been going so far. I feel like we have been so busy this month and last month to but it never felt  April was that busy. Anyway we have had quite a few things going on this month. We have had baseball every week for Zach and Carson. During the week we had practices and games and then on top of that the kids had to do homeowork and practice the piano and plus Madison has a huge report due on the 22nd. So most of the time she stayed home with Carson when Zach had a game during the week so that she could work on her report. Madison has helped us out alot with watching Carson and so we owe her big time, but her and I went out for almost the whole day this last Saturday and went shopping and did some other stuff. I will post on that another time I am just waiting for something so that I can post on that. Anway we have been busy this month. I am looking forward to when the kids are out of school and we can enjoy the summer. We have some fun things that we are doing this summer.  
 Larry was a coach again this year except he was Zach's coach. He gets baseball better then he gets softball.
Zach played up this year to kid pitch instead of machine pitch. He did good for being the younger kid on the team but it just means he get that much more time to get better. He loves baseball.

I took this picture one night as we were leaving from one of Zach's games at the baseball complex. It looks like it is on fire but this is the sun setting. I thought it was a pretty good picture. I am still learning how to use my camera.

For pack meeting this month we did a rain gutter regatta and the boys carved boats out of soap and blew them down a rain gutter. Last year they had to make a boat out of something organic that you could eat. Zach did really good on this.

This was for first place. Zach got second and was a good sport about it too.

Here we are at yet another baseball game. I stopped bringing my camera to the games because I was just taking the same pictures.

Carson started t-ball practices at the end of April and then their games started in May on Saturdays at 9 in the morning.

Another baseball game.

Larry took Zach to a Mariners game on kids night because anyone under the age of 14 got a signed Dustin Ackley bat and Zach had a great time.

So Larry and I got a half season this year for the Mariners and we have been going to those games. I was really picky about what seats I wanted and so we are pretty happy with the seats although I would still like to be closer up. Anyway on one of the games we went to we were watching the game and a foul ball was coming straight to me and I put my hands in the air (without a mit) to catch it and I don't know how this happened but I didn't catch it and it hit my upper thigh. It hurt so bad and I never did get the ball, it bounced off of my leg and to the left of me where some other people were standing. This is the second time a foul ball came right by me and I never got it. The first time was last year. Anyway this is the begining of my bruise from not catching the foul ball. The bruise is gone now but my leg still hurts in that spot.

Carson turned 5 on the 2nd of May and we just had a little birthday for him at home and then the following friday I picked up him and 2 of his buddies from school and they came over and played and had cup cakes. Carson is great. He will being to all day kindergarten next year and he is excited about it. When they called me to tell me he got into all day they said that they had enough kids who wanted it to make 2 full day kindergarten classes so they didn't have a lottery. I think that this will be really good for Carson. I think that he needs it academically and socially. I was nervous about it at first and then I talked to my sister who is a teacher and she said that she thinks all day kindergarten is a good thing. Right now I am just really nervous for school to start this next year. Carson will be in kindergarten and Madison is going to be in middle school.

He was so excited about this present because this was the one present that he really wanted. It was a batman helicopter to go with his batcave.

Carson said he wanted superman cupcakes so this is what I did for him.

Carson's first t-ball game.

Madison and Zach had their piano recital and they both did great. This was Zach's first year and his piano teacher said that he was her first student to go through the first set of books quickly. So he is doing great in piano, Madison is doing great as well. It is nice to hear her play actually know what she is playing.

Zach turned 9 on the 7th of may and once again we just had a little family birthday because that night was scouts and I am one of his den leaders so we had to go and then on that Friday I took him and a couple of his friends to go and The Croods.

On Mother's day we went and did the color run. This was the kids first time and I did it last year but they loved it and want to do another one.

We had a stake youth activity and had a talent show and so Madisn and her friend Cait did the skit "Whose on First". It was great and the girls did great. We had to shorten it up because it was to long but everyone laughed at it which was the point.

Besides Madison's big report that was due on the 22nd she also gave the kids a rocket that they had paint and decorate as well that was due the 24th. Madison did her's as a grocery outlet theme. We think it is pretty cool.

So as you can see we have been busy this month. I can't wait for summer to relax and just have a good time. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Back

Well it has been a long time. I decided to try and see if my blog would let me download and post a new post because last time I tried it wouldn't let me and it said that I needed to pay to do it. Well I tried it and it worked and I didn't have to pay anything. I know that it isn't alot and it would be worth it to pay it but I just never got around to do it and so here I am trying it now and just so you know that if it said that I had to pay I would have payed but so far I don't have to. Anyway I am back and I am glad.
I am going to start off with our Spring break trip. Well this year we hadn't really planned on going anywhere big this year because we went to Disneyland last year and when we were there the kids kept on asking if we could go and swim at the pool. Well anyway we thought we would just do some day trips around our area for spring break, well then we though maybe we would take the kids San Diego and go to Sea World, San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park. So when we were talking about it I looked to see how much it would cost for us to go. Well we had originally started out by talking about driving there and then I got to thinking that if we drove we really wouldn't be able to spend alot of time in the area if we drove. So we decided to use some of our flight miles and fly us all there. I am really glad that we did, it was much easier. The only draw back is that our flight coming home left at like 8 in morning which meant we needed to leave the hotel no later then 6.
Well we had alot of fun and the kids had alot of fun and Larry and I love it there and we would move there if we could but we probably won't ever leave Washington because it doesn't make sense for us to. Well like I said we had a great time I took a ton of pictures but I only posted a few because there were so many I didn't want to go through all of them.
We started our first full day at Sea World. We were able to walk there from our hotel, which was nice. Zach really wanted to see the sharks and Madison wanted to see the Shamu show and so we just saw everything.

 This walrus was disgusting it was eating it's food but the thing is is that it was sucking it's food in and then spitting it back out against the glass. I don' know why it was doing that.

 Carson obviously didn't want his picture taken because the sun was in his eyes
 Sitting eating some lunch while waiting for the Shamu show

 We fed the sting rays, well I fed one because a gentleman beside us was nice enough to see if we wanted to try and feed one so I did and it was a little weir if you haven't ever fed one because it kind of just sucks it out of your hand.

 Brothers holding hand while we are going in to see the sharks

 Zach and Madison went on a ride and so Carson didn't want to go so we waited. Larry was trying to find Carson some ice cream.

 Larry, Madison and Zach wanted to go on this ride and they were dry right here.
 Until someone decided they were going to spry them. They were soaked after this ride.
 This is the view from our hotel.
 This is to the right of us.
 This is to the left of us. We always had some chilly weather in the morning due to the marine layer that comes in at night but once it burns off it is nice.
 On the second day we decided to go and tour the U.S.S Midway. We didn't think the kids would be that interested in it but they loved it we were there for a good three hours I think.

 They had an audio tour that the kids could do and they answered questions  and then at the end of the tour they could go and hand in the answers and get their wings. I thought it was pretty cool.

 They got their wings.
 The third day we went to the Zoo. It was very cool of course. Carson was telling his the whole time we were at the zoo that he wanted to see the turtles. We eventually made it to the turtles and now he says he wants a turtle for his birthday. I don't know about that.
 We rode this across the park.

 Half way through our time at the zoo Carson was running down hill of course and fell on the bumpy cement and cut his knee pretty good and so the rest of the time he basically spent his time like this. Not really smiling. I felt bad he fell but we had been telling him not to run and then he does that.

 On our fourth day we went to the Zoo Safari Park. It is alot like the regular zoo but you get more of the Safari experience though and see the wild animals a little better.

 We took a tram and they took us around the park. You could pay to get a real experience and go in and fee the giraffe's and stuff but we didn't want to pay for all of us to do that.

I tried to get Carson in this picture but he wouldn't instead....... 
 he was doing this.
 On our way home from the Safari Park we decided to stop in Old Town and look around there. While we were there we saw the Mormon Battalion and did the tour there, it was really neat the kids really liked it as well.
 On our last day we decided we would go and just see Coronado Beach. We had never been there and so we decided to go. It is a great beach. The kids loved the sand and if I had planned it better we would have stayed the whole day there but we didn't.

 This is an amazing hotel and one day Larry and I are going to stay here, just Larry and I though.

 I didn't plan on the kids getting wet but Zach got soaked and I didn't bring any other clothes for him so he had to walk around with wet clothes. Oh well, we told him not to get wet.